Find out why you should stay at 174 Premier Guest House

Posted on Wed June 8, 2016.

Our customers are always first.  Our mission is to make your home away from home so good, you might want to consider to move in permanently.  We want you to be able to relax and do what you are here for.  

We have crisp white sheets, and indigenous gardens, you can watch birds and koi fish and enjoy home baked rusks in your room when you have a hunger pang.  You can tailor your breakfast to have it exactly when and how you want it, as well as where you want it.

But now we have gone above and beyond.

We have always provided free internet but now, you have free and fast internet.  You can do your work or play and have time to really enjoy watching the birds in the indigenous garden and have time to ponder on or over your breakfast.  

This is how we show our dedication, we now even give you the most allusive and sought after commodity at 174 Premier Guest House; we give you time to spend any way you like because you can do what you have to fast!