DK Burger review

Posted on Fri April 8, 2016.

Beer and Burger

You just want a really good satisfying beer and burger?  And you are always disappointed?  Spare yourself the agony. 

Or you feel like a nice new avante-garde outing?  Look no further.

Chunky, satisfying and very filling yet still able to pick it up and dig in!  Not overly saucy or messy.  Just succulent and deeeelish. 

I have had the Waggu (the burger) with a Naked Mexican (the beer) and just wording the names seems satisfying already. 

Vegetarians and fishies are welcome.  There are plenty great options for you too. 

I can’t get enough of how comprehensive and very authentically South African the menu is.  Meebos chutney and samosas.  Stuffed chicken wings and salad with beef fillet strips for those with airs that does not do burgers. 

The beer is an adventure by itself and it is easy to loose yourself and all your problems in The Dragon’s fiery Ginger beer.  It goes down so deceptively easy.

I did not have any space for desert – either I too am “airy” or I did indeed get lost in my Naked Mexican – but that is what I will be going back for sooner than later – I am already having severe inner tumult whether I should go for the Tira-misjoe, something I fall for easily or should I go for a traditional Malva Pudding?  I really should stop agonizing - I know I will be going for the Banana chimichanga – burnt honey ice cream with fudge sauce.  I don’t need to say anything else, do I?